How to write an essay introduction

An essay introduction is like a map that guides readers to know what to expect in the body paragraphs; a good introduction needs to state the topic and present a brief background of the topic. The first paragraph should give a good impression to attract the reader’s attention to want  to continue reading the essay. A good introduction is important, especially if you want to convince your audience.  The first sentences of the introduction are termed as the opening statement, should show how the writer intended to address the identified issue. Ideally, when writing an introduction, the author should use words that capture the reader interest.

You can start with a compelling story or an interesting question driven an example that is relevant to the meaning of the topic. An introduction also serves as a way to invite the reader into the conversation.  The author needs to show his audience how he intends to fulfill the task. As stated in write my essay blog, a good introduction shows the author levels of understanding of the subject. An introduction presents the main ideas showing how relevant the topic is based on the brief background of the topic. Some research findings can be included in the instruction to justify why the topic is worth discussing. An introductory paragraph needs to contain approximately  120 to 500 words with original ideas of the author and should be interesting and engaging.